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Gold Shield, the main warranty provider to the park home industry has named Park Homes Scotland (PHS) a 'Certified Approved Repairer'. the first in Scotland.  Park Homes Scotland have worked with Gold Shield for a number of years, carrying out warranty inspections and warranty insurance repairs and as a result of customer feedback have offered this prestigious status.  PHS will continue the previous relationship but will also cover Scotland for the new Gold Shield Gold Care scheme.  This new product will provide Park Home Residents with a care package covering all park home repairs and for a relatively small monthly outlay.  Much like kitchen cover you can have home cover and PHS will be there with Gold Shield to protect your home.  If you are intersted in the Gold hield homecare offer give us a call on 01501 228687.  Read more about the Gold Shield warranty at https://goldshieldwarranty.co.uk


Housing (Scotland) Act 2014 (Updated April 2017)

New Mobile/Park Home Site Licensing Regime Set to Start in May 2017

A Housing Act was passed into law by the Scottish Parliament in August 2014 which will have a profound effect on the way park/mobile homes sites in Scotland are run in the future.

Hard on the heels of the strengthened legislation giving greater protection to residents and enabling them to buy and sell park homes without interference from site owners the Act introduces legislation which gives local authorities in Scotland much greater powers to regulate park home sites and park home site owners. From 1 May 2017, all site owners in Scotland will require to reapply for their licences and thereafter renew the licence every five years.  Site owners will have a two year transition period to apply for and obtain a new licence to operate a residentail site even if this site is part of a larger holiday site complex.

When applying for a licence, where the applicant is a company, the main director will require to undergo a Fit and proper Person test as will his managers and particularly the local site manager. Where an applicant is refused a licence, or an existing licence is revoked, local authorities will have the power to approach the courts to seek to appoint an interim manager. In this regard, residents' representatives have asked the officials concerned in the Act to look at linking such powers to Community Ownership under Land Reform legislation currently being consideredby the Parliament.  In addition, they are lobbying for local authorites to outlaw unfair park rules in licence conditions including park owners banning tradesmen from their parks.

This Act has teeth; site owners flouting the proposed laws will be liable to fines of up to £50000 and losing their licences


Spring and Summer time is painting time for park homes.  Park Home manufacturers recommend repainting your home two years from new and every three years thereafter. Did you know that insurance claims have been rejected because home owners were not sticking to the manufacturers' maintenance recommendations?

Maintenance is not just a repaint job.  Have a look around the frames of your windows and doors and you will see small hairline cracks whuich seem so inoccuous.  These little cracks, however, unless sealed properly and regularly, allow water to penetrate under the skin of your home and soon little bubble blisters will appear and the wood underneath will rot costing you a lot of money in repairs.

Now is the time to plan for next year's maintenance.  Park Homes Scotland Ltd offer you a paint package which is not only a repaint job but a complete external maintenance package - it seals cracks, cleans gutters and downpipes, repaints your home with the recommended RESITEX rubberised paint and leaves your home ready to face another three Scottish winters.  It also leaves you with the assurance that should the need arise you can prove to your insurers that you have indeed maintained your home!  Click HERE or call us now on 01501 228687 for more information.



Did you know that you can now increase the value of your home and at the same time reduce your maintenance and running costs?

Park Homes Scotland Ltd are now the main Scottish distributors and installers of 'Canexel' and 'Naturetech' high density wood cladding products.  Cladding your home will increase its insulation and noise proofing properties, cut your energy bills and eliminate costly regular repainting and external maintenance.  Coming in a variety of beautiful colours and with a 15 year limited warranty these products will enhance the look of your home and at the same time save you money.  It is worth a look.  Learn more here.

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