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Why maintaining your park home is really important

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While some of these defects might seem horrendous, the good news is that most park home and lodge problems can be solved very easily.  The simple construction makes removal and replacement of boards quite simple (if you know how).  Underfloor issues are usually easily located and the solutions relatively simple because of the ease of access below the home.  Park Homes Scotland has years of experience in park home issues and our maintenance services are employed by some of the major park home manufacturers in the UK as well as leading park home insurance companies.  Do not be misled however by contractors who tell you thay can patch a problem up!  Most water penetration problems in park homes' fabric rarely originate where they appear.  Water blisters may rot the wood behind but the original source of the water ingress is likely to be well away from the water blister and may take some investigation.  Generally we find that signs of dampness below windows generally starts much higher up the building and often has unseen effects till much later.  That is why Park Homes Scotland have developed their Park Home Inspection and Condition Report.  This report looks at the condition of your property as a whole, not just at the first obvious defect that you probably have noticed yourself.  We inspect from the roof right down the home to concrete base.  We take in gutters, soffits, fascias, the main fabric of your home, the windows, particularly window underledges then on to the driprail, skirt and base.  Then comes the chassis, plumbing, electrics, gas, pipe lagging, insulation throughout the house and safety measures such as gas and electricity certification.  This holistic approach to your home looks at the parts you cannot reach and brings you a full colour bound report complete with photgraphs teling you both what is right and what may be going wrong.  We follow this up witjh a face to face meeting to explain our findings and if you need some work done you will be provided with a formal estimate in writing.  Park Homes Scotland will never knock on your door to offer services.  We may drop a leaflet through your letterbox if we are working on your park but all our jobs result from referrals and recommendations - and we give a full one year (No quibble) guarantee for all materials and labour.  So why not avoid nightmares and think about a conditon report sooner than later.

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