GoldShield: The industry-leading warranty for Scottish park homes

GoldShield is the industry-leading warranty for park homes, providing financial protection for inherent structural problems with your home in the first ten years of its life. The warranty will cover any repair costs, as well as any other damage caused by the defect. If your park and manufacturer is GoldShield registered, you can take advantage of this important cover.

More than 50 of Scotland's park home sites are GoldShield-registered, so there is plenty of choice if you are looking to buy a home in the region. Many owners on GoldShield sites will already be covered, but if you plan on moving into a home on one of these sites, it's important that you register your warranty within 90 days to avoid having to pay a registration fee.

How do I keep my warranty valid?

To continue benefitting from you GoldShield warranty for the full ten years, there are certain maintenance obligations that you must meet to make sure that problems with your park home aren't caused by wear and tear or neglect of duties.

These obligations include a few essential tasks, such as filling hairline cracks in your home's cladding and checking your roof for loose tiles — you can find a full summary of these tasks on the GoldShield website. You can choose to cover all the requirements yourself, or you can sign up for GoldShield Care, which is a scheme that ensures all your park home maintenance is taken care of by professionals with specialist supplies and equipment.

Why GoldShield Care?

GoldShield Care helps you to keep your warranty valid with ease. Not only does it keep your home in the best condition possible, but it will actually help you save money in the long-run, as the individual costs for supplies and labour can soon add up. In addition, the affordable monthly payments of the plan make budgeting for maintenance costs simple, as well as protecting you from unforeseen repair fees.

If you have mobility issues or aren't confident carrying out checks and repairs yourself, GoldShield Care will make sure that all of your needs are taken care of by professional contractors, and they'll even get in touch with you to arrange a suitable time. You can then sit back and relax, knowing that all necessary work will be carried out without any hassle or worry.

There are three levels of care schemes available:

  • GoldShield Care: Covers all annual inspections and cleaning, as well as up to £100 worth of minor repairs.
  • GoldShield Care Plus: Covers all annual inspections and cleaning, up to £100 worth of minor repairs, all mastic joint renewals for doors and windows, and labour costs for painting.
  • GoldShield Total Care: Covers all annual inspections and cleaning, up to £100 worth of minor repairs, all mastic joint renewals for doors and windows, labour costs for painting, and the cost of the specialist paint or colour wash.

If you're interested in taking out a GoldShield Care scheme or would like to learn more, don't hesitate to contact GoldShield today. Call 0191 258 8170  Quoting reference GS001 or call Park Homes Scotland direct on 01501 228687


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