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Park Homes Scotland Ltd is seeing an increase in demand for Park Homes and Holiday Lodges. Adding to the increased interest is the upsurge in sales of bricks and mortar homes and the highest prices for these properties since 2008 now showing on the market - which is encouraging people to sell and look at other options, like park homes.  Recent positive legislation for park home residents in Scotland has also helped.

The past few days have seen a home in Fife under offer, a home at Denny near Falkirk coming on sale, a home at Willow Wood West Lothian coming to market, another home at Willow Wood sold within 14 days of advertising and interest being shown from South of the Border.  It is the medium priced homes that prove most popular with the location and park ambience coming next in the demand stakes

Another interesting development is a trend to buy older and cheaply priced homes and refurbish these to a moden standard.

If you have a home, for sale or are looking to buy, why not consider using Scotland's only dedicated Park Homes Property Agency, Park Homes Scotland Ltd?  Call us on  01506 530344.

If you are a site owner with homes for sale, talk to us now about promoting your properties.

Lack of Knowledge of Park Home Lifestyle.

We continue to be surprised about how little our enquirers know about park homes or park home law.  Most seem to think that a park home is a cheaper version of a their bricks and moprtar home and really good value for money for the price.  The second part is correct but when we ask if they know about pitch fees and the type of tenure and commission payments on sale, they are woefully ignorant and often run a mile.

Some even think that an 11 month holiday caravan will be fine as a permanant home if they have another address.  They do not stop to think about what security of tenure they will have  - NONE!

The park home lifestyle is great if you go into it with your eyes open and know your rights, but a minefield if you do not.

Park Homes Scotland Ltd are happy to help sellers, buyers and site owners to get it right, particularly as park home law in Scotland has changd dramatically since September 2013 with profoud changes for site owners due in 2016/17.  Give us a call on  01506 530344.

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