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New legislation which was passed in June 2013 by the Scottish Parliament modernises Park Home law in Scotland greatly strengthens residents' rights and increases the level of protection for home owners.

The new regulations which came into force on 1 September 2013 will see all owners of Resdential Park Homes receive new agreements from site owners setting out their amended agreemnts within the next few months.

The legislation removes a site owner's rights in connection with the sales of park homes and brings this procedure more into line with bricks and mortar homes.  From September 2013, home owners will be free to sell their homes on the open market and will have the right to assign their agreement to a buyer without consulting the site owner.  These new procedures are expected to enhance the value of existing homes.    Use our 'Links' section to access the full legislation.  See our "Library" section for details of the form your new implied terms must take.

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