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Spring and Summer time is painting time for park homes.  Park Home maunfacturers recommend repainting your home two years from new and every three years therefter. Did you know that insurance claims have been rejected because home owners were not sticking to the manufacturers' maintennace recommendations?

Maintenance is not just a repaint job.  Have a look around the frames of your windows and doors and you will see small hairline cracks whuich seem so inoccuous.  These little cracks, however, unless sealed properly and regularly, allow water to penetrate under the skin of your home and soon little bubble blisters will appear and the wood underneath will rot costing you a lot of money in repairs.

Now is the time to plan for next year's maintenance.  Park Homes Scotland Ltd offer you a paint package which is not only a repaint job but a complete external maintenance package - it seals cracks, cleans gutters and downpipes, repaints your home with the recommended RESITEX rubberised paint and leaves your home ready to face another three Scottish winters.  It also leaves you with the assurance that should the need arise you can prove to your insurers that you have indeed maintained your home!  Click HERE or call us now on 01506 530344 for more information.

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