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Gold shield careMore than 50 of Scotland's park home sites are GoldShield-registered, which means people who own homes on those sites can register to be covered by GoldShield's 10-year warranty. This offers protection against any major inherent defects in the structure of these park homes.

GoldShield also offers a selection of care schemes that you could benefit from, whether your warranty is with them or not. These schemes help you to manage a lot of the maintenance and repairs that your park home might need, which is ideal if you aren't confident doing everything yourself.

There are three care schemes available, and GoldShield Total Care is the most comprehensive. For a monthly fee, the plan includes all necessary annual inspections and cleaning, up to £100's worth of minor repairs, any painting that needs to be done, and more. If you're interested in taking out a GoldShield Care scheme or would like to learn more, contact them today quoting reference GS000.   Telephone 0191 258 8170

Alternatively call Park Homes Scotland direct on 01501 228687 quoting 'Gold Shield Care'.



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